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about us

Since 2011. We always design,develop ,manufacture pleasure about sex toys for our customers all over the world .In its quest for appealing products,Pleasure Factory has made advancements in the design of its sex toys as exemplified. All our products match market demands by utilizing various shapes and forms that appeal to people’s senses.

We possess advanced equipment and full production lines to produce parts that can be quickly assembled. Conducting thorough inspections, we test each adult product according to their qualities. we make great efforts to provide top quality toys at the best prices for our customers. bringing them about the greatest choice of sex toys.

about us


Our products are certified with Rohs CE,FDA,FCC.etc.Our factory has ISO9001 quality

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An experienced manufacturer

Great adult product selections

OEM/ODM Sex Toys

Production Capacity Daily output of 8000+

Storage Capacity for finished product warehouse 2500m²


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