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Why choose our factory

More than 10 years of adult products industry data accumulation;
· Several designers for product development;
· Structural engineer, PC board r & D engineer have more than 10 years of work experience.
· More than 100 domestic and foreign intellectual property rights.

 The raw materials have been verified by ROHS and FDA;
· We have passed CE, quality inspection report certification;
· Adopt ISO9001 quality management system;
· Before shipment,strict double inspection of raw materials to finished products.

Wholly owned electronic products production plant, and daily output of 8000+;
· Holding silicone gel production and processing plant, and daily output of 5000+;
· Cooperation with TPR factory,and daily output of 3000+;
· Strategic cooperation with mold production factories and ABS processing factorys

About sex toys

Answer :Adult Sex Toys Storage Bag – For smaller, more delicate adult toys and gentle storage methods. A soft or small case means it`s simple to carry on the go, even if it`s in the car or a bag on a night out while checking out crafty joints on the road.
Adult sex toys Storage Box – You`re going to need something like a hard-lid storage case when it comes to more solid and protective storage. Hard cases are awesome for travel as they make sure your toys are protected when your luggage is tossed on a train or plane. Moreover, it`s the perfect travel companion as you can keep your sex toys, chargers, and accessories in one place.
Sex toys storage box – If you are one of those who have an impressive toy collection and find it difficult to fit all their goodies into one storage case or bag. For something larger, investing in a storage bin is the best choice. In this way, you can be able to store all your different toys, chargers, accessories, lubricants, and cleaning supplies in one place. Ensure that your toys come in separate boxes or little bags inside the box, so they don`t get dust. If you have a curious child or your pet is looking for a new chew toy, you`ll need a strong box with a lid or consider adding a lock.
Nothing puts you in a greater mood than being able to find your case or box of sex toys. Nevertheless, you require a simple way to access whatever you want. Storing your case, box, or bag under the bed or on the nightstand is the perfect place to quickly allocate your toys during the spiciest times. Furthermore, you could also try checking for something more discreet in bedroom cupboards or chests of drawers.
Even if you`ve got a special glass toy, a single silicone toy, or a whole mess of metal toys, the single best thing you can do to protect your investment, small or large, is to make sure that you keep them in a clean and resolute place.

Vibrate and a lot of them are meant to be inserted into the body, also can be used for external stimulation.
Some Dildo generally does not vibrate and others can vibrate for female. Realstic dildo like male dildos .it depending on user’s request.

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